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It's a Good Time to be an American Manufacturer

Posted by Kathleen Stillman on Jan 10, 2014 2:16:00 PM
Kathleen Stillman
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15.6 million vehicles were sold in the US in 2013; the best year for the auto industry since 2007.  The 2014 forecast calls for 16 million vehicles, more than half of which will be manufactured in North America.

Boeing has an order backlog of more than 4800 commercial aircraft worth more than $345 billion.  The industry forecast calls for nearly 30,000 new commercial aircraft over the next 20 years.

These two demand streams are a big part of the "rising tide that floats all boats."  More than 400,000 US manufacturing organizations produce the myriads of components that are needed for vehicles, aircraft and many more types of industrial, commercial and consumer products. 

Manufacturing activities employ more than 13 million Americans directly.  Each manufacturing position supports 1.7 indirect jobs, accounting for another 22 million people employed.

The Manufacturers' Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) forecasts a 3% increase in industrial output for 2014.

"Re-shoring" is bringing manufacturing back to the US, and the data is accumulating.  The Reshoring Initiative has been tracking manufacturers' return to domestic production facilities and recently estimated that 50,000 US jobs have been re-created and 30,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created in the last three years.

"Made in America" is becoming more than a preference for many buyers.  

Advances in technology, automation and quality enable American manufacturers to be among the most cost effective and productive in the world.

And we're proud to be part  of that.




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