Photo Chemical Etching Subject Matter Expertise Available

In my experience, professionals involved in designing, engineering, and sourcing precision metal components have a pretty good grasp of a variety of fabrication processes. Except for photo chemical machining (metal etching), to which the response is usually a blank look, shrugged shoulders and a negative head nod. You don't have to be one of those people any more.

We really want to make it easy for you to add chemical etching to your portfolio of fabricating knowledge.  We've put together an assortment of FREE user-friendly resources, including video, whitepapers and blog posts that you can peruse at your convenience.

3 minutes to greater understanding

This 3 minute post provides a visual overview of the steps and equipment required for the etching process. Most people have a mental picture of stamping, laser and EDM machinery.  Now you can have one for etching.

The basics on one page

On this page, we have summarized the key features and capabilities of the photo etching process and have included information on tolerances and costs.

How else would you do it?

How does chemical etching stack up compared to stamping, laser and waterjet?  We did a study.  You can get the results here.

DFM matters

Design-for-manufacture analysis is a critical step in product development.  It is particularly important that the people responsible for this process have access to extensive information on the options available. This blog post highlights several key benefits of etching versus other processes.

It worked for them

We talk to lots of people about their fabricating challenges, and they are generally astounded when we can tell them that the etching process is a total solution for them.  This blog post recounts three instances where etching completely solved the problems.

Get it all

We've put together a brief (14 pages) but comprehensive guide for chemical etching that covers all of the specs, tolerances, costing examples. It's FREE.  You can get it here:

Download the Guide

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